Motorcycle-Accident Injuries That Occur When You Ride and What to Do About Them

2 December 2016
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Injuries that occur when you ride a motorcycle are very different from the injuries you experience in a car accident. As a motorcycle rider, when you are in an accident, you may experience very debilitating injuries, and the person responsible should take appropriate action. As examples for what can happen to you and what you should do when these injuries occur in an accident, the following will help.

Shattered Bones

Shattered bones, such as arms, wrists, legs, and hips, occur when the force of the blow from the other vehicle is exceptionally hard and very fast. Usually, a drunk driver in a larger car or a pickup truck or a semi-truck is responsible. When you clearly were not responsible and your motorcycle was fully functional (including head and signal lights), the other driver should help you cover your medical expenses. When the driver was drunk, he or she should definitely help, if not pay for your medical bills entirely.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury results from riding your motorcycle without your helmet on. You are thrown from your bike and land on your head, or your head is smashed between or under other vehicles. Becoming the victim of a traumatic brain injury while you were wearing a helmet is most unusual, but it can happen. It would require several tons of pressure to first crack your helmet and then cause severe damage to your skull and brain. If you can prove that you were in a freak accident with your helmet on but suffered a traumatic brain injury all the same, your motorcycle-accident attorney may advise you or your family member to pursue a lawsuit against the driver that delivered that much pressure to your helmet and head.

Temporary or Permanent Paralysis

Because there is no seat belt on a motorcycle, you can be jettisoned several hundred feet into the air and land either in the ditches on either side of the road or come face to face with the asphalt. The harder the surface, the faster you fly, and the farther you are thrown, the greater the possibility that you will experience injuries to your back and temporary or permanent paralysis. If you are staring life in the face with any form of paralysis, temporary or otherwise, you should pursue a lawsuit against the driver that jettisoned your body into the air. It takes a lot of speed and force to do that, and likely that driver was not driving or acting in a way that followed your state's driving laws.

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