How To Settle Damages If You Are A Passenger During A Car Accident

28 February 2017
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If you were a passenger of a vehicle during a car accident, you should have no problem collecting compensation for your injuries if you were hurt. Passengers are not typically held accountable for accidents, and this means that a passenger will be entitled to collect money for injuries in almost any type of car accident case. If you are wondering how this works, here are a few things you should know. Read More 

Getting Help With Your Social Security Claim

6 January 2017
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For those with medical conditions preventing them from working, Social Security disability presents an opportunity to get monthly monetary payments. From the initial application and moving forward to presenting proof of your medical condition to the Social Security Administration (SSA), the entire process can be long and exhausting. Once denied benefits, many people just give up or attempt to represent themselves at the appeal hearing. Read on to learn just how damaging to your claim those attitudes can be. Read More 

What You Should Know About Social Media And Personal Injuries

3 January 2017
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Social media is an insanely popular forum for sharing thoughts, feelings, and experiences, along with photos and videos of various events. If you have a personal injury case pending, you might want to think twice about sharing information relating to your recent personal injury. The following explains the effects that innocent social media posts about your accident or injuries could have on your case. How a Social Media Post Could Derail Your Claim Read More 

Injured In A Car Accident: Your Rights When You Are A Passenger

30 December 2016
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As the passenger of a motor vehicle that has been involved in a car accident, you have rights. In fact, it is generally an easier case to settle when you've been injured as a passenger as there is no chance you are liable for the accident. You have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver who was at fault if the accident happened in an at fault state. Read More 

Two Terms You Need To Know When Settling A Motorcycle Accident Claim

29 December 2016
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When working with an insurance company to settle your claim, you'll be inundated with a lot of legalese and industry terms. It's important to know the definition of these terms, because misunderstanding their meaning may lead to you settling for less than you deserve. Here's what you need to know about two common industry terms you may hear in your motorcycle accident case. Actual Cash Value If the damage to your motorcycle is bad enough, sometimes the insurance company will declare the vehicle to be a total loss. Read More