FAQ In Regards To Auto Accidents

3 July 2019
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The scariest part about owning a vehicle is that you can end up in an accident, which can be a traumatic experience that is life-changing. Another worrisome aspect owning a vehicle is that you cannot avoid driving on the roads with drivers who are negligent, especially those who decide to get behind the wheel with a substantial amount of alcohol in their body. No matter the dangers that come along with driving, many people decide to do it anyway due to how convenient it makes getting from place to place each day. Read More 

Why Auto Accident Claims Should Always Be Filed By An Attorney

1 May 2019
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If you have been involved in a car accident where you've suffered an injury at someone else's hand, you are likely considering all of your legal options. You may be thinking about filing an auto accident injury claim. However, if you are thinking about going it alone, without an attorney, you should understand why this isn't necessarily a good idea. Here are some things that you need to know about why it's best to hire an attorney for your accident case. Read More 

Common Misconceptions Surrounding Wrongful Death Lawsuits

25 March 2019
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If your loved one dies due to the negligence of another person who had a duty to provide them care — such as a doctor or nurse — you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. However, this is a very complicated type of personal injury lawsuit as the victim of the negligence is no longer around to give testimony. As such, there are a lot of misconceptions around wrongful death lawsuits. Read More 

When Is The Right Time To Settle Your Car Accident Case?

7 February 2019
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One of the questions you might have after you are in a car accident is when you should settle the case. A lot of people like to rush into settlements, simply to get the money they are entitled to and to find closure with the case but rushing into a settlement is not usually the best way to handle the timing of settling your case. Here are several things to understand about timing the settlement of your car accident case. Read More 

Getting Compensation For Your Bicycle Accident: Key Tips

5 November 2018
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Bicyclists typically take every precaution to avoid being struck by cars on the road, but even so, accidents are all too common. If you regularly ride a bicycle, then you must know what to do in case of an accident, because this increases your chances of getting fair compensation for your injuries. Here are some key tips on how to deal with this difficult situation. Aftermath In the immediate aftermath of the accident, do not admit any fault or attempt to negotiate with the driver of the vehicle. Read More