3 Things You Need To Realize About Going After Your Insurance Company For Damages

18 November 2016
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If you were involved in a car accident and suffered injuries as well as lost wages, and your insurance company is not offering you a fair settlement, you can hire a personal injury attorney to pursue your case via a lawsuit to get you the compensation that you deserve. Here are three things that you should realize about how insurance companies work and approach legal actions against them before you go forward with your lawsuit.

#1 Your Adjuster Will Not Settle For More Than They Think Your Case Is Worth

Before proceeding with a lawsuit, it is common for your attorney to try and work with your investor to settle the claim before proceeding with expensive and lengthy legal actions. It is important to realize that your adjustor is not going to settle for an amount that is more than what they think your case is worth. If you want to settle with your adjustor and not have to file a lawsuit to get the compensation that you deserve, you are going to need to work with your attorney to prove the value of your case.

That means that you are going to need to prepare documentations that clearly detail and show the medical bills the you incurred as well as the wages that you lost due to not being able to work because of your injuries and recovery time. The best way to get the adjustor to see that your case is worth more is by proving it is through documentation.

#2 Your Insurance Company Is Not Scared By A Lawsuit

Second, you need to realize that your insurance company is not going to be scared by you filing a lawsuit and they are not going to feel rushed into a settlement that up until this point they don't think that you deserve. Insurance companies get sued on a daily basis, and have attorneys whose sole job is to represent the insurance company in different states. This is not a small business who will settle right away because they are afraid of your lawsuit ruining their business; for insurance companies, lawsuits are something that they plan for and budget for. Don't expect your lawsuit to force the hand of your insurance company to settle; you need to be prepared to work with your attorney to present your case and argue for the settlement that you deserve.

#3 Your Insurance Company Lawyers Make More By Dragging Out Your Case

Once again, lawsuit and lawyers are just part of the business that insurance companies budget for. Lawyers who work and represent the interests of insurance companies generally make more money by dragging out cases; most of their money that they make is through the litigation process.

They make their money based on the number of hours that they spend on the case, so they are not necessarily motivated to settle your case right away. They are going to want to go through the motions with your case, so you need to make sure that you and your attorney has the evidence ready and are prepared to take the case all the way to court if you need to. Click here for info about working with a personal injury attorney.