3 Types Of Elderly Abuse That Occur And How To Recongize Them

30 November 2016
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Nursing home and elderly abuse happens more than people would like to admit. It is so important that loved ones know how to recognize the signs that abuse is going on and ensure that their loved one is protected. If you suspect that your loved one is being abused, you should contact authorities right away, and consider getting a lawyer to represent the person. Here are some ways that the elderly can experience abuse.

1. Financial Abuse

One common way that the elderly are abused is through exploitation of their finances. For instance, there might be a person who comes an visits the person who is pretending to be their friend, or a trusted family member, when really they are using the individual for their money. They might ask to take control of their finances and get information about their bank accounts, be put on the account as a joint holder, or guilt the elderly person into giving them money.

Some ways that you might notice the abuse going on is that the person is mysteriously missing money, they are talking about different ventures they are doing with an individual, or they no longer control any of their finances. This can be a serious problem so you should intervene right away.

2. Physical Abuse

Sadly, the elderly can be physically abused just like a small child. Because they may not be as strong as they used to be, and they might not have the control over their lives that they previously had, people may take out their frustration on them. Some ways that you can detect this abuse is by watching for bruising that isn't explained. The injuries may be under their clothing, so make sure that you are paying attention to them if they seem to flinch or be in pain.

3. Sexual Abuse

Unfortunately, some people even take sexual advantage of the elderly. If your loved one has started talking about their sexual habits changing, is worried about STD's or has all the sudden become depressed, withdrawn, or in pain, you might want to have your loved one assessed or talk to them openly about the abuse.

Recognizing the abuse happens and being on the lookout can be the best way to stop it. Don't assume that just because your loved one is at a seemingly good facility it means they are safe. Listen to their concerns, and have open and honest conversations about their life. A firm like Reed Law can help you seek justice in this kind of situation.