About Suing A Hair Stylist For A Scalp Injury

7 December 2016
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Were you left with patches of missing hair after going to a professional stylist? If you are also left with scabs on your scalp in areas that were burned from exposure to chemicals, you might have a good argument for filing a lawsuit against the stylist. A lawyer can help you assist with building up evidence and getting you compensated for your bad experience at the salon. This article will explain why hiring a personal injury lawyer, like those at Vaughan & Vaughan, is worth doing for achieving positive results from your lawsuit.

You Will Get to Explain What Happened at the Salon

At the beginning of your lawsuit, you will have the chance to give the lawyer details about the day of the incident. He or she will also ask a few questions in an effort to determine if you have any fault in the injury. For instance, if the stylist wanted to wash a chemical perm out of your hair and you wouldn't allow it, you could be held responsible. On the other hand, if you complained about your scalp burning and nothing was done about it, you likely have a strong argument.

An Investigation of the Stylist Will Be Done

One of the things that will be done by the lawyer is an investigation of the stylist. For example, the lawyer will find out if the stylist has ever been sued by his or her past clients. If anything of concern is found during the investigation, the lawyer will likely speak to the parties involved to listen to their experience with the stylist. Some of the past victims might also be asked to be witnesses for your case.

Sufficient Evidence Will Be Gathered On Your Behalf

If you had to get treated by a physician after the injury to your scalp, a lawyer can obtain evidence on your behalf. Just be prepared to sign a medical release form that allows your treatment records to be obtained by the lawyer. He or she might also ask the opinion of a few physicians in regard to whether or not the burns and hair loss are likely to be permanent. More money can be requested in the lawsuit if you have permanent injuries.

Obtaining a Fast Settlement Might Be Possible

In order to help you move forward with your life, a lawyer will try his or her best to obtain a fast settlement. Rather than a possible court case that is lengthy, the lawyer will try to settle the dispute through mediation. However, it is up to the other party to cooperate as to whether or not mediation will be successful.