Top 4 Tips To Follow After An Accident

10 December 2016
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If you have just been involved in a vehicular accident, there are a few things that you need to make sure you do following the accident. Here are four great tips that you should follow after being involved in a vehicular accident.

#1 Never Admit Fault

Right after the accident, you need to make sure that you watch your words. When talking to the other driver and the police, you should never admit or say that you were at fault. That includes saying sorry for the accident, which implies that you were potentially responsible for what happened.

Even if you think you were at fault, you should never admit it to the other driver or the police. There could have been other factors at play that you were not aware of. Perhaps you were going a little fast, but the other driver ran a red light, leading to the accident. Or maybe you looked down at your phone for a second but the other driver did as well. You don't know the whole story yet, so don't admit to being at fault.

#2 Always File An Accident Report

Second, you should always make sure that a formal accident report is filed. The best way to ensure that happens is by calling the police and waiting for them to arrive. If the police show up to the scene of the accident, you can be ensured that a police report will be filed.

If for any reason you can't wait for the police or don't have a phone to call them with, make sure that you follow up as soon as possible with your local police department so that they can file a report.

#3 Contact Your Insurance Company

Third, get in touch with your insurance company. Let them know that you were in an accident. You don't have to provide a lot of details right now, just let them know the basics of what happened. Against, don't admit fault to your insurance company either and if possible wait to fill out the formal accident report with your insurance company until you have consulted with your car accident attorney.

#4 Work With Your Insurance Company

Contacting your insurance company can also allow you to take advantage of policy benefits, such as a car rental that you will need if your vehicle was damaged in the accident. This also allows you to start the process of having the damage on your vehicle assessed so that you can move forward with fixing or replacing your vehicle.

If you find yourself involved in a vehicular accident, be sure to follow the four tips above. Contact a personal injury law firm for more help.