Legal Tips For Car Accident Victims

15 December 2016
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An auto accident can be a serious legal matter due to the sizable damages and liabilities that can be involved. For those that have been fortunate enough to avoid these accidents or to only have experienced a limited number of minor accidents, it can be easy to be uninformed about the steps that need to be followed to protect one's rights.  

Understand The Risks Of Apologizing To The Other Driver

It can be common for people to feel compelled to apologize when they have been involved in an accident. Often, this is done simply to be polite, but it can have profound legal implications. This due to the reality that an apology can be considered an admission of guilt or liability in civil cases, and this could compromise the strength of your case or outright prevent you from pursuing a lawsuit to recover damages.

Due to these legal implications, you should be very aware of your choice of wording. In addition to the other driver, this will also apply when you are answering the questions of the police officer preparing the accident report. This is due to the fact that your statements may be entered into the official report, and while you must answer these questions truthfully, being careful with your wording during this questioning can be essential for preserving your claim.

Arrange For A Consultation With An Attorney As Soon As Possible

Following a car accident, you will want to schedule to meet with an attorney from a law firm like Lawyer, Lawyer, Dutton & Drake LLP at the earliest possible time. This is necessary to help ensure that your memories about the accident are still fresh and accurate. Also, there are many states that have strict time limits for filing lawsuits, and delaying this consultation could cause you to lose the ability to take legal action.

Additionally, the insurance companies will likely want to get your side of the accident through an official statement. This may seem simple, but the insurance will use this as an opportunity to build a case against your claim through the use of misleading questions and creating a false sense of security on your part. When you retain legal representation before providing this statement, your attorney will be present. The presence of an attorney may discourage many of the normal tactics that are used during these proceedings, and it will allow the attorney to object to unfair questions or interpret overly complicated ones so that you avoid incriminating yourself in the accident.