Things To Do After A Playground Accident

16 December 2016
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If your child is injured while playing at a playground, his or her medical expenses may be covered by the insurance company of the playground's owners. Here is some information about how you should respond after a playground incident occurs:

Request emergency care.

If your child is seriously injured, don't risk further harm to your little one by moving the youngster or trying to transport the child to the hospital on your own. Instead, call for ambulance. Emergency medical workers can assess your child's condition and start treatment. If your child needs to be transported to an area hospital, the ambulance can get him or her there safely and quickly. Additionally, any notes recorded about your child's condition can be used as evidence of the types and severity of the youngster's injuries. 

Get witness accounts.

If other people are present at the time of the accident, record their names and contact information. Also, write down their testimonies concerning what transpired when your child was injured. They may have noticed important details, such as rust on the chains of a swing that broke while your child was playing or a damaged seesaw. Their observations could help prove that playground owners were negligent in their upkeep of equipment.

Take photographs of the broken playground equipment and the area around the accident.

Photographs can quickly be taken using a cellphone or digital camera. The images can serve as proof of the state of the equipment and can help decipher how the accident occurred. Be sure to take the pictures immediately after the accident, before anything has been moved or altered.

Seek representation from an experienced personal injury attorney. 

A personal injury attorney can help ensure that your child receives the maximum compensation for his or her injuries. The lawyer will be able to negotiate with insurance attorneys for a settlement, and if a settlement cannot be reached, the attorney can represent your child in court. 

Because the attorney understands the intimidating tactics of insurers who want to avoid compensating an injured party, the lawyer will be able to stand his or her ground. The lawyer will also ensure that all paperwork regarding the injury case is submitted correctly and in a timely manner, so that small errors do not jeopardize your case. 

Don't talk to insurance reps.

Insurance representatives may contact you soon after your child's accident. It is best to avoid lengthy conversations with these agents. Instead, refer them to the attorney representing your child.

To learn more about the steps you should take after a playground accident, schedule a consultation with a personal injury attorney at a law firm like the Owen Law Firm in your area.