Getting Help With Your Social Security Claim

6 January 2017
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For those with medical conditions preventing them from working, Social Security disability presents an opportunity to get monthly monetary payments. From the initial application and moving forward to presenting proof of your medical condition to the Social Security Administration (SSA), the entire process can be long and exhausting. Once denied benefits, many people just give up or attempt to represent themselves at the appeal hearing. Read on to learn just how damaging to your claim those attitudes can be.

Don't miss those deadlines: A lot of people get turned down for Social Security benefits on their first try; it's understandable given the confusing and detail-oriented application process. The SSA, however, has put in place a valuable appeals process for those who are denied benefits, and failing to take advantage of your rights to appeal is an unwise move on your part. Unfortunately, you only have 60 days to file for that appeal. If you have a good reason for missing the deadline, such as being in the hospital, the SSA may give you another chance. If you don't have a good reason, you must begin the entire lengthy applications process all over again. Having an attorney on board means that you will be ready to file your appeal and appear at the hearing with professional legal support.

Get the medical proof you need: Some applicants fail to understand just how important a complete set of medical records are to the potential success of your claim. If you give the SSA incomplete proof of your illness, you will be denied benefits time and time again. Attorneys that practice Social Security law know the best way to get those important records from the medical facilities in a timely manner.

Be prepared to state your case. Once you are scheduled for your appeal hearing, the jitters will begin. It's only natural to be anxious about this event; a lot is riding on it. Having an attorney to represent you at your hearing can make this event a lot less intimidating. Your attorney will know exactly what that hearing officer needs to hear from you regarding your need for benefits and will be very familiar with how these hearings are run. One of the most important aspects of the hearing is the ability to property communicate how your medical condition has affected your ability to do your job, and having legal help mean having a support team to prepare you to face that challenge.

Stack the deck in your favor: The best reason of all to have legal representation at your disability appeal hearing is that your odds of getting an approval rise just by having an attorney present. For those who show up with an attorney, their approval number is 63.6%; for those going it alone that number drops to 40.1%.

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