You Might Suffer These Injuries When A Bicyclist Hits You

5 October 2018
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A lot of bicycle-related collisions occur when a motorist driving a vehicle hits someone riding a bicycle, making the latter the victim. It's also possible for the bicyclist to be the perpetrator of an accident, however, when he or she runs into a pedestrian. Given that cyclists and pedestrians can often share the sidewalk, paths, or even the street, it's possible for accidents of this nature to occur. If you're seriously hurt as a pedestrian, you may want to retain the services of a personal injury attorney so that you may file a suit against the cyclist. Here are some injuries that you may be suffering and that you can highlight in your claim.

Skin Abrasions

Skin abrasions are common when a cyclist hits a pedestrian. The speed at which you're knocked to the ground, and perhaps even pushed or dragged by the bicycle, can lead to both minor and major abrasions on several parts of your body. Long clothing and outerwear can limit these types of injuries, but if you happened to be wearing a skirt, shorts, or short clothing on the day of the incident with the cyclist, your abrasions may be more serious. Such injuries can leave you with pain, as well as emotional wounds, from the prolonged time that it can take for the scars to disappear.

Broken Fingers

All sorts of broken bones can occur when a cyclist hits you. The fact that the cyclist knocks you over, perhaps while traveling at a considerable rate of speed, could leave you with serious breaks. One particular type of injury that you can suffer is broken fingers. It's relatively easy for your fingers to get caught between the spokes of the bicycle tires and twisted, which may lead to a break that is serious enough to warrant surgery. Such injuries can have long-lasting repercussions because, depending on the nature of your profession, they may impede your ability to work.

Hair Loss

If you have long hair, it can be at risk when a cyclist hits you. If the bicycle knocks you down, your hair can easily get caught in the chain or sprocket, especially if you don't have your hair tied up. The result can be the chain ripping several patches of your hair out. This will certainly cause you pain, which you'll want to include a reference to in your personal injury suit, but it can also lead to extensive and costly medical procedures. For example, you could need transplants if the injury to your scalp is serious enough.