When Is The Right Time To Settle Your Car Accident Case?

7 February 2019
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One of the questions you might have after you are in a car accident is when you should settle the case. A lot of people like to rush into settlements, simply to get the money they are entitled to and to find closure with the case but rushing into a settlement is not usually the best way to handle the timing of settling your case. Here are several things to understand about timing the settlement of your car accident case.

Wait until you know the full impact of your injuries

A good tip to know when settling a car accident case is that you do not need to rush into a settlement, and it is better not to for several reasons. The main reason is to give you time to fully understand the extent of the injuries you have from the accident. In some cases, injuries show up right away and will heal within a few weeks of months. There are other times when injuries do not appear right away, yet these injuries can have effects on a person's life for years. There are also times when injuries from a car accident will permanently affect a person for the rest of his or her life, and it is always important to understand how your injuries will affect you in the future before you agree to settle your case.

File a case before the legal time period expires

The other vital piece of information you should consider when timing when to file a case involves the statute of limitations. This is a period of time you have to initiate a case against the other party, and your state might give you anywhere from one to five years to do this. Keep in mind that you do not have to fully settle your case by the expiration date of this time period, but you must initiate a case before this time period expires. If you do not do this, you will lose your rights to do so.

Hire a lawyer to assist you in your case

Finally, you should consider talking to a car accident attorney about your case and hiring him or her for help. Having an attorney will cost you some money; however, it is also likely to help you get a much higher settlement amount in your case. If you are interested in learning how a lawyer can help you with your case, schedule an appointment with a lawyer today.

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