Why Auto Accident Claims Should Always Be Filed By An Attorney

1 May 2019
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If you have been involved in a car accident where you've suffered an injury at someone else's hand, you are likely considering all of your legal options. You may be thinking about filing an auto accident injury claim. However, if you are thinking about going it alone, without an attorney, you should understand why this isn't necessarily a good idea. Here are some things that you need to know about why it's best to hire an attorney for your accident case.

Statute Of Limitations

In every state, there is a predetermined statute of limitations associated with any kind of personal injury claim. You have to notify the other party of the injury within that period of time, and you have to file your claim before that statute of limitations is exceeded.

Going it alone can put you at risk of missing that limitation and filing after your legal window has already closed. If that happens, you will no longer be eligible for your claim, nor will you be able to receive any benefits.

An attorney will know the precise statute of limitations for your case and will be able to tell you exactly when your deadline is to file the claim and notify the other party.


Auto accident attorneys are typically updated on all of the latest legal arguments and findings in all of the most recent auto accident cases. Anything that sets a precedent for your legal arguments will be familiar to the lawyers already, so there's little in the way of necessary research to support the claims.

However, trying to go it alone can be a challenge. You will have to do the legal research and legwork on your own, making it more likely that you miss something critical that could make your case.


When you take an auto accident injury case to court, you need to have sufficient and permissible evidence to support your case. Lacking the experience to build a sound, supported case will lead to a dismissal in court.

You might think that you don't need too much evidence because your goal is to settle the case without going to court. However, no insurance company is going to be willing to settle any case that isn't soundly supported. If they believe that they could win the case in court, even due to insufficient evidence, they won't settle.

An auto accident lawyer can help you to understand exactly what you need to support your case, and can even help with the requests necessary to gather that evidence