FAQ In Regards To Auto Accidents

3 July 2019
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The scariest part about owning a vehicle is that you can end up in an accident, which can be a traumatic experience that is life-changing. Another worrisome aspect owning a vehicle is that you cannot avoid driving on the roads with drivers who are negligent, especially those who decide to get behind the wheel with a substantial amount of alcohol in their body. No matter the dangers that come along with driving, many people decide to do it anyway due to how convenient it makes getting from place to place each day. If you are the unfortunate victim of a collision that involved a drunk driver and suffered injuries that your physician said will require extensive treatment, suing the other driver is worth looking into. An accident attorney can help you gather the necessary information for your case.

Who Caused the Collision?

Suing the other driver is only possible if he or she caused the collision and it can be proven, which is why an attorney should be hired. Don't plan to rely on the accident report to prove that you are victim, as it can easily be contested in court. You need the expertise that an attorney can provide so additional evidence can be gathered. He or she can create realistic scenarios of the incident, along with speaking to witnesses and possibly reviewing surveillance footage.

What Kind of Injuries Do You Have?

Make a list of each injury that you are suffering from as a result of the collision. Be sure to include injuries that are psychological as well, such as developing the fear of driving a vehicle. Ask an attorney about everything that can be considered an injury so you can include them in the lawsuit. Don't feel as though you are taking advantage of the incident to get money, as you deserve compensation for the negligence of the other party.

Were Your Children in the Vehicle?

If you have any children that were in the vehicle, what are their ages and how were they injured in the accident? An attorney can actually ensure that each of them is granted money in the lawsuit, but you will have to file on their behalf if they are minors. Depending on how they were affected in the accident, the money that is won in the lawsuit might be placed in a trust fund that they can obtain when they reach legal age. However, you might also be able to obtain money on their behalf sooner to assist with paying for their medical treatment.

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