Paying For The SSDI Legal Help You Need

10 September 2020
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Those unable to work at their job due to a medical condition may be facing some uncertain and financially trying times. Did you know that the Social Security Administration (SSA) has a way for those who need help with their Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) cases to do so without having to pay the lawyer until later? Read on to learn the details of SSDI lawyer contingency fee arrangements.

Why Legal Help Is Important

Navigating through the complex rules regarding the SSDI application, approval, and appeal process can be daunting and confusing to most former workers. Everything an applicant does from the time they find out they are unable to work and on through the inevitable appeal process has to be done correctly. Not only can leaving out important information delay your claim, but it can result in having to start the process all over again, and this can be after waiting several long months to hear from the SSA.

When the denial does come, applicants should take advantage of the opportunity to explain why they deserve benefits in front of the administrative law judge at the appeal. Social Security lawyers understand how to fill out an application that results in an approval and how to get benefits approved at the appeal. Whether you used an attorney to help you fill out your application or not, having one with you at the appeal is vital.

About the SSDI Contingency Fee Agreement

The SSA oversees the lawyers approved to work with SSDI applicants and governs the fee structure. The help you get from a Social Security lawyer is not free, but nothing is owed until you win your case. If you are not approved for benefits, you owe the lawyer nothing.

The Dollars and Cents of the Agreement

The legal contingency fee agreement is based on the lawyer being paid a certain percentage of your back pay. You and your lawyer can come up with whatever percentage you wish as long as it's not more than 25% of the back pay lump-sum payment. There is a cap of $6,000 on attorney's fees regardless of how much the back pay award is.

The benefits you need and deserve are waiting for you. To get more information about this convenient and affordable way to deal with SSDI legal issues and pay for your own legal assistance, talk to a Social Security lawyer as soon as you can. 

To learn more, contact a Social Security Disability lawyer.