Don't Assume You're At Fault For A Car Accident

14 December 2020
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With some car accidents, it's obvious that you are without blame. But with other car accidents, you might wonder if you are at fault or if the other driver is responsible. However, you should never admit you're at fault until you have spoken with an auto accident attorney.

Situations Where You are Almost Always at Fault

When you hit a car from behind, this is one situation where you will almost always be considered at fault. This is because you will have a clear view of the other driver. However, if you crashed into the car because of a natural disaster, such as very strong winds, neither you nor the other party may be at fault.

If you were making a left-hand turn, you may also be considered at fault because the courts will usually argue that you should have yielded. However, if the other driver was being very reckless or speeding, the courts may find the other driver at fault for your accident. 

You Violated a Traffic Law

If you believe that you violated a traffic law, you might assume that you will be held responsible for the accident. If you are driving through an area you are unfamiliar with, you might violate the law accidentally. For example, you might not know that a stop sign is in a particular location concealed by vegetation.

However, even if you violate the law, this doesn't mean that you will be held responsible. For example, the other driver might have also violated the law. If both you and the other driver ran red lights, you could both be considered equally at fault for the accident. 

Piecing Together What Happened

You will never want to admit that you were at fault even if you believe you were. You might not remember the situation correctly. For example, you might believe that you drifted into the other driver's lane when he actually drifted into yours. Instead, you will want to speak with an auto accident attorney about how you can craft the best possible case. 

The four most important aspects of proving your case are:

  • Witnesses
  • Expert witnesses
  • Photographs and video
  • Your own memories of the event

Each of these pieces of evidence can help you create a better picture of what happened and you may reveal that the other party was actually at fault for the accident. Then, you can seek the compensation you deserve. Find an auto accident lawyer near you today.